Creative Floral Designs For All Occasions

Wedding Flowers in Williamstown

With 20 years of experience, Yarraville Village Flowers specialises in wedding flower arrangements in Williamstown and Yarraville. 
We handle all types of floral projects to meet your specifications and needs.

Team of Floral Specialists

If you are preparing for a wedding, flowers are the main decorative piece you will need. At Yarraville Village Flowers, we will assist you in choosing from our large variety of flowers.

With custom floral and bouquet decorations, our talented team of floral stylists is committed to making your dreams come true.

We also craft bridesmaids bouquets. Get in touch with us for flowers that will brighten your wedding venue.

We offer a large variety of beautiful floral decorations

Wedding Flowers Yarraville
Wedding Flowers Yarraville

Types of Floral Arrangements

Our experts craft unique floral designs for you on your special day.

A meeting with a wedding florist might confuse you, but don't worry! We will help you understand the different bouquets that exist, such as hand-tied or pageant bouquets.

For more information on the different kinds of bouquets available, get in touch with Yarraville Village Flowers.

Our experts craft unique floral designs for you on your special day

Customer Benefits:

  • Custom designed floral arrangements
  • Exotic flowers for all occasions
  • Professional florists 
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

We design stunning centrepieces and floral arrangements

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Winter Trading Hours:

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